Florida Realtor FAQ’s

What kind of real estate services do you provide?

I specialize in the buying and selling of single family residential homes. I also can help you find a home or apartment to rent.

What can a realtor do for me if I’m buying a home?

Many think realtor’s job is to show you a few homes and then have you fill out the proper paperwork to make an offer, but it’s a lot more than that. As your realtor, my job is to represent you and protect your interests throughout the purchase process of a home as if they were my own. When we look at homes for sale, I’m going to be looking for any physical defects that you need to be aware of from the beginning so we can address those in your offer. I will also be present at important events like your home inspection so we can go through the property again together. My job is to be your personal liaison and guide you through the process of your purchase from beginning to end.

Do I need a realtor if I’m building a custom home or buying a new spec home from a builder?

The answer to this is a strong YES. I have built my own custom home in years past. I remember the day I walked into my brand new kitchen and saw the most beautiful set of cabinets that were built out of the completely wrong wood. The home was already behind schedule and I pulled up to the house to see my wife crying on the front porch overwhelmed with the process. This is where a good realtor comes into play, even on new builds. If you are looking to build a custom or spec home from scratch, my job is to make sure the documents you sign up front with your deposit have your best interests in mind. I will also be there to check in on the construction along the way and make sure your new home is being built as promised. This involves everything from making sure the correct R rating on the insulation was used, to making sure the rooms are framed out to the dimensions shown on the floor plan. If construction is not being done as promised, I will be the person to help resolve these issues with your builder.

How can you help me sell my home?

There are many factors involved when it comes to selling a home. Location, demand, age, etc. The first thing I will do is run a market analysis for similar homes in your area to see what has sold in recent months to give us an idea of your home value. I will then be able to offer you insight on improvements your home could take advantage of to reach it’s highest potential. Due to the risks now associated with Covid-19, open houses are not being promoted at this time. However, technology now allows us to work around that with virtual tours and live tours with video. As a professional real estate photographer, I will also photograph your home personally to show it at its best for online advertising.